Poetry and Whatnot


who I am to you is not who I am to myself.

the human in the mirror knows more about myself than I do.


reflections see the good, the bad, the ugly, the three am, the abuse, the suffering, the happiest moments of our lives are not spent in front of a mirror.

our true selves are not in our bodies.

our true selves are in our minds.

in our souls.

in our reflections.


personal libraries

all of our lives have chapters. our lives are books, written for us, containing a set of predicted characters with a meddlesome plot that we call life. we can’t start the second chapter of our lives without finishing the first. just like how we can’t predict what will happen in the fifth chapter by just skimming through the first and second. a meaningful character can make their debut at any time; whether it be the second chapter or the second to last.

our society is a library. a collection of books that are uniquely written. some short stories, some thousands of pages thick, and some elementary chapter books. best-sellers placed next to never-heard-ofs. but we’re all here. we’re all in the same quiet, dusty, old-smelling library we call life. we sit on shelves until someone graces us with their taking hands and chooses to spend the next few weeks with us. or maybe the rest of our lives if we play our cards right and hide far enough under the bed. -m


an ode to my dad on his birthday 

my dad is David Bowie. not biologically; just in case I got y'all excited. 

changes helped me through so much in my life. so did life on mars?, and as I see more of the world I relate to it more and more. 

we are aliens. we are from another world. I'm certain we have the same home and I look forward to meeting you there one day. until then, I follow your footsteps my own way.    -m


there is beauty in the struggle. the phrase "starving artist" has so many meanings... from starving for greatness, starving to be noticed, starving for fame, and the literal meaning, starving for food. all effort and finances go to your work. life becomes your job. it's not much of a job, though. it's more of a lifestyle. yeah, a life of creating. and starving. it requires putting all hope and faith into yourself and your work. show no mercy...     -m